My advice to you is as follows:

one, learn meditation practice;

two, empower yourself with your own emotions -
don't be afraid of grief, or heartthrob;

three, be willing to expose yourself and be a fool, 
to not be intimidated in the presence of presidents 
and rock stars, but come on as a gentle, living, 
flesh and blood human being. 
Don't treat people as icons. 

If what you're doing is considered by all your friends 
as too far out, think thrice - 
so you don't go outside the bounds of sanity - 
check it out. 

Get a good education in reading the Eastern and Western classics. Avoid animal fat. 

Be a slave to love. 
Wear your heart on your sleeve. 
Twenty rejections in a row are wiped out by one acceptance. 

-- Allen Ginsberg