Love, despite its toxicity and violence, can bring us closer to the
possibility of expressing human tenderness. If one is ambitious enough to
want to create a shared history, then one must be willing to risk an
impossible dance
, one that pivots on a desire to outmuscle exhaustion, a
desire alive to our wavering capacities to bestow and receive responses, and
an apparently insatiable desire to question these capacities and what
motivates and blocks them, repeatedly.

-- Peggy Phelan

Love is a source of anxiety until it is a source of boredom; only friendship feeds the spirit.

--Edmund White

I started to think about what real love is. How do we love? How do we live the kind of love that challenges you, frightens you, excites you, enhances you, and makes you incredibly and uncomfortably vulnerable? This love will show you who you really are, and I now know the courage it takes to commit to it. Exposing yourself to another person who will hurt or disappoint you, while maintaining a deep love that cannot be shaken—this is a foreign concept to me. How can you continue to love someone who has hurt you so deeply?

-- Saidah Arrika Ekulona

                  Saidah Arrika Ekulona and Condola Rashad in Lynn Nottage's Ruined