Tom and Don's video salon: George Russell, Dave Nimmons, David Carrino, Darren Polito, Blair Voyvodic, Tom Dennison, Michael Mele, Andy Willett, Andy Holtman, Jonathan Arnold, Stephen Soba (photo by Don Shewey) 

Koinonia is the Anglicization of a Greek (κοινωνία) that means communion by intimate participation. The word is used frequently in the New Testament to describe the early Christian church as well as the act of breaking bread in the manner which Christ prescribed during the Passover meal. 

To create a bond between comrades is the meaning of koinonia when people are recognized, share their joy and pains together, and are united because of their common experiences, interests and goals. Fellowship creates a mutual bond which overrides each individualís pride, vanity, and individualism, fulfilling the human yearning with fraternity, belonging, and companionship. This meaning of koinonia accounts for the ease by which sharing and generosity flow. When combined with the spiritual implications of koinonia, fellowship provides a joint participation in Godís graces and denotes that common possession of spiritual values.

-- Wikipedia

The Jemez Springs posse: Chris Caramelli, Rob Wills, David Moreno, Kai Ehrhardt, Hosen, Hunter Flournoy, Howie Holben (photo by Don Shewey)