“Black Umbrellas “

On a rainy day in Seattle stumble into any coffee shop
and look wounded by the rain. 
Say Last time I was in I left my black umbrella here.
A waitress in a blue beret will pull a black umbrella 
from behind the counter and surrender it to you
like a sword at your knighting. 
Unlike New Englanders, she'll never ask you
to describe it, never ask what day you came in,
she's intimate with rain and its appointments.
Look positively reunited with this black umbrella 
and proceed to Belltown and Pike Place.
Sip cappuccino at the Cowgirl Luncheonette on First Ave. 
Visit Buster selling tin salmon silhouettes
undulant in the wind, nosing ever into the oncoming, 
meandering watery worlds, like you and the black umbrella,
the one you will lose on purpose at the day's end 
so you can go the way you came
into the world, wet looking. 

-- Rick Agran