Let’s say I got a letter from a 27-year-old high school teacher who was spending a couple of weeks in, say, Cancun, where she met some recent high school grads who were totally hot and totally legal and totally not her former students. I would definitely tell that teacher to fuck those boys’ brains out – and send me the video – so long as she observed the Campsite Rule. Older folks who mess around with younger folks have a special duty, and it is to leave ‘em in better shape than they found ‘em. You don’t make babies; you don’t give ‘em diseases; you don’t lead ‘em to believe that anything lasting is going to come of this. You answer their questions, correct any misconceptions they may have about sex, show them where the clit is, make sure they know that birth control is their job too, and impress upon them the importance of being good, giving, and game. 

-- Dan Savage