SANDY: He had a weakness. Which was exploited by unscrupulous people; Yes. But. Acting on those appetites made him terribly vulnerable, and therefore made us less safe.

SAM: So you’re saying…? He has no right to what? To human…?

SANDY: (Over Sam) Look at the cost! Look at what it has cost!

KATIE: No, Sandy! It seems to me that this is the language of shame, you get taught to deny your basic appetites, as though desire were filthy.

SANDY: But. The President does not have the luxury. Did he? Of indulging?

BURT: Sandy is right. He gave his enemies an opening. He made us vulnerable.

KATIE: If only he had said, “Yes, I did this thing, I am human, I am human, now leave me alone. You puritanical, witch-hunting psycho-sexual hysterics, can we shut up now…and get on with trying to make America actually better?” I mean, better…

ANTON: Yes. “Can we please get on with real life?...”

SAM: Sandy, don’t get distracted by Judeo-Christian bullshit. Does anybody thin that this country is actually functioning, working? You know, where I teach, what I see in the school, these kids. That’s the issue. This is the only issue: the horrible inequities. The abandonment of basically sacred duties – And that the political class is just, you know, bizarrely fixated on this blow-job and nobody is saying –

KATIE: (taking over from Sam) Nobody is saying…”You life-denying, sexless Cotton Mathers, you joyless Washingtonian hypocrites. Get over it!”

ANTON: Right! He should have stood up on the desk in the oval office and declared, “Hey, I like pussy and I like watermelon, so sue me!”

BURT: (laughing) You think those are the exact words he should have used?

SANDY: What he did to his family! Unforgivable. That kind of lying, the humiliation. No. He wanted to get caught. “Please take me down – I am a fraud.”

SAM: Hey, look, once they start, this sick, moral policing, I know, in my queer heart, I know they’re gonna come after us too sooner or later. 

KATIE: Well. It makes me want to leave the country. Close up this restaurant, head for Barcelona.

SANDY: (ruefully) No, Katie: Your country is Manhattan. (He kisses Katie.) You’re safe here.

KATIE: (Shaking her head) This doesn’t feel like the age of safety. Everything in this city – has changed – sex, food, food – my god, how it has changed! – power, it’s all so much bigger or deadlier…when did the stakes get so high? I’ll tell you; when cafeterias went out of style.

BURT: Well. To me, right now, in here, it feels pretty safe, and the food – hey; if one’s home were actually the most comforting place in the world, this is what dinner there would taste like. How do you do it?

KATIE: Butter. Lots of butter.

-- Jon Robin Baitz, The Paris Letter