Outside of the work context, I can't stand listening to music: it conditions me, it alarms me, it tries to possess me and consequently I am forced to defend myself - to push it away from me, like a thief trying to escape from the temptations of the bargain basement. I don't know, it's probably another case of our "Catholic conditioning" - but music makes me melancholy: it fills me with remorse. And useless as remorse always is, music attacks me with the voice of admonishment, a voice which I feel destroying me because it sings so loudly, conjuring grandiose dimensions of harmony, of peace and of accomplishment, and yet quite clearly leaving me excluded - a total exile! Music is cruel - it stuffs you with nostalgia and regret and when it's finished it leaves you utterly directionless: music introduces you to the unattainable. Marvelous, but how sad.

- Federico Fellini