I would be very careful about who I confessed to having fallen in love with on-screen. I didn’t go for Gina Lollobrigida-type people. But it would be someone like the young Liv Ullmann. Or Anna Karina, Monica Vitti, Jeanne Moreau. I think it was their extreme beauty, their mystery and total unavailability. The usual stuff. In the theater, you still go to see great actors and actresses performing as characters, whereas there’s a certain point in a cinematic career, especially in American cinema, that you go to see Julia Roberts. After a certain point, an actor or actress becomes a movie star, and at that point, they are more concerned with how they are seen as a star than as an actor or actress and therefore are less likely to play risky roles in which they play, to put it crudely, bad people. Or if they play bad people or damaged people, there is always “redemption.” I hate redemption.

-- Julian Barnes